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Although filing horses teeth has been practiced for decades, in more recent years equine dentistry has evolved rapidly such that it is now a profession in its own right. 

Whilst routine rasping of sharp edges, the removal of hooks and bit accommodation comprises much of a day's work, one objective of this website is to highlight some of the more unusual, and less commonly observed, cases that an equine dental technician may encounter.

It is also intended to be a useful industry resource for equine dental technicians and those who have an interest in equidontia (horses teeth).

A further aim is to encourage horse owners to better understand the practice of equine dentistry and the value of regular dental care for both horse and rider. 

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Donovan Lamerton
Equine Dental Technician

An unusual customer

I had the privilege of accompanying Sue Downie (Black Rhino Monitoring Project), Dr Pete Morkel (Co-ordinator of Rhino Projects, Frankfurt Zoological Society) and the SANParks veterinary team to Karoo National Park to assist in their quest to improve the eating capabilities of Mpumalele, a +/-28 year old black rhino. Nose to hook lip with this incredible beast, I was able to file the buccal (outside) and palatal (inside) eges on the maxillary (upper) molars, and the lingual (inside) edges on the mandibular (lower) molars. Click here to view a short video clip.

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